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European Public Heath Alliance

"The training exceeded the expectations. The training taught us individually how to make our daily communication more interesting and effective using all the tools that we have, but also it allowed us to grow as a team. It was amazing to discover the skills that some of us had and that remained unknown even for those who had them - as a manager, I found this extremely useful."

Lara Garrido-Herrero Manager, European Public Health Alliance

British Petroleum (BP)
“Excellent. I very much enjoyed the day’s training. I’ll be applying it at our very next meeting”. 
Keith Freeland, Engineer

European Forum on Arts and Heritage (Brussels)
“THANK YOU for your huge help with our presentation. It did work and surprised our Board with its effectiveness.  You’ve given me a tool-kit I won’t forget. Even the way which I announced our loss in the budget became very positive!”  
Frédérique Chabaud Director, EFAH

Amerada Hess Oil
“It is now just over a month since you ran the presentation skills courses for us and I am pleased to say that they had a large positive impact. I have now seen a significant improvement in the standard of presentations and a lot more effort going into preparation. The downside is that it has put more pressure on me to raise the standard of my own presentations…The feedback I received from the staff who attended the workshops was uniformly positive. Most seemed a little surprised by how much they had enjoyed it. I will tell my colleagues how successful this has been.”
Richard Trigle Head of Development

BEA Systems
“Lou Stein spent a great deal of time understanding my personal apprehension [about speaking], fears about the audience, dynamics of the audience and my ability to focus on giving a concise and professional presentation.  The training extended beyond just presentation skills, but personal behaviour leading up to presentation and the art of holding an audience whilst leaving the audience with key points. I presented to an audience of 100 of BEA’s EMEA Senior Management Team and actually enjoyed the experience! 
Karen Roberts Head of Marketing (UK)

Department of Agriculture (U.K.)

“Just wanted to say thanks for a brilliant day. I’ll put it into practise the next time I make that important phone-call. Look forward to working with you next year.”
Terry Bird FRCA Resources Director

Trinity College of Music, London
“Lou's workshop was fantastic from the moment it started. His confidence and obvious teaching experience gave him absolute command of the event and greatly impressed the participants. The issues dealt with were not just supportive on a professional level but actual social skills that are fascinating and fundamental to the way we all interact with one another.” 
Dominic Murcott Head of Composition


“A key aim of my work is to find ways of getting messages across which use the unique personality of the story teller, rather than imposing an artificial set of rules which can result in an off putting and stilted delivery.”
Lou Stein


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