Workshops & Courses

Learn valuable skills with one of the following workshop and training courses.

Telling the Story: Presentation Skills.
The heart of any successful business is the ability to communicate with ease and engage your audience. Every presentation is a story you’re telling. By using theatre and role playing techniques you quickly learn to communicate by placing yourself at the centre of the your message.
One/Two/or Three Days depending on size of group.
Particularly beneficial for those wishing to work on specific presentations.

Networking Skills.
Establishing personal credibility and authority within any group of people can be a daunting prospect. Develop and practise important networking skills in small and large group situations.
One day. Suitable for individuals and up to twelve people.

Vocal and Body Awareness.
What does your voice and body say about you? Learn how being aware of your personal presence can radically change how you are perceived by others.
One day. Groups up to fifteen people.

Breaking Down Cultural Barriers When Communicating.
Small group sessions in how to alter your communication approach when working with colleagues from other countries or social groups.
One day. Between two to four people.

Team Building Through Theatre Play: Strengthening team bonds.
Using role playing techniques, participants explore new ways to move forward on issues holding innovation and creative thinking back.
Two days. Up to twelve people.

Team and Confidence Building Through Performance.
Working with a professional musician and composer, the participants will choose their own instruments and create a new musical piece. Fun for those who are musical and non-musical alike, whilst the joy of being in a production team is experienced.
One day.  Group of between six and twelve.


“The way that body language and voice intonation can affect the image you wish to create is crucial.  How to speak less and say more, with concise, easily understood messages is central to my courses.”
Lou Stein

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